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Mailbird- Pros

  • Mailbird provides a reliable email experience as it supports and identifies all your accounts. Have your personal and work accounts in a single mailbox, you need not keep switching accounts.
  • User interface is simple and sleek
  • Schedule events with the Calendar feature
  • Mailbird can access Google Drive, so editing your documents from Mailbird is possible!
  • The most important part is the app integration- there are built-in apps such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Calendar, Dropbox and more..
  • Color themes provide for a beautiful, customizable layout
  • Multilanguage support is an added attraction. Mailbird supports 17 languages from across the globe Therefore, it can be concluded that Mailbird is the best email client for Windows! Mailbird Pro Lifetime is an excellent offer where you need to pay only once while being able to enjoy Mailbird for life! However, there are a few cons that are negligible compared to the enormous benefits associated with Mailbird:
  • No filters or automated tools like suggested replies
  • Key emails cannot be identified smartly

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