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About Aurora HDR 2019 

Skylum’s Quantum HDR Engine leverages AI’s power to provide a more streamlined editing experience than ever before. It reduces burning color, loss of contrast, noise, halo and unnatural lighting due to unstable ghosting.

The Quantum HDR Engine takes three years to create within Skylum’s AI Lab and includes a team of enormous knowledge developers combined with artificial intelligence and is a seamless single image or multiple bracket shots HDR editing is realized.

Skylum developers test thousands of parenthesized shots through a neural network and use the results to create incredible HDR photographs such as real estate, landscapes, cityscapes, and other HDR photography We developed the necessary technology to do.

Pre-Order Pricing

Current users may upgrade at a price of $49 USD
New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2019 at a price of $89 USD

Skylum Luminar 2018 Coupon Code

Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 Review: Best HDR APP Mac and PC

Aurora HDR 2018 is one of the latest tools on the market that allows you to create stunning HDR photography in no time. The app on its own makes it very easy to add HDR effects, but the great thing here is that you don’t overstuff the image and make it too bright. Instead, you install this app, and you will be able to use it either as a standalone or plugin. The only difference here is that the standalone makes it a much better-bracketed exposure, which is extremely important to think about.



The Aurora HDR 2018 interface is pretty much standard if you take the regular photo editing apps into account. There are quite a lot of menus full of features, but just like other apps from the developer, the focus is on your work, and you will have everything almost free in the middle of the canvas. Which is nice, because this puts you in control and offers a whole lot more value in that regard.


You can find lots of useful features in here. These include noise reduction, as well as color denoise, chromatic aberration as well as ghost reduction. Working on multiple layers can take a while, and that’s why you will have to wait until the merge process is complete.

The merged images are shown in the main window, and you can quickly pick any effect that you want. They added multiple presets to make the process more comfortable for you. However, you can quickly get more too, which is a remarkable thing to have. That being said, many presets are similar to one another. So while they are interesting, they aren’t overwhelming, if anything they do tend to look pretty much the same.

It’s the manual adjustment where things get good with Aurora HDR 2018. The app has an HDR central panel. You can also change things like the bright tone, exposure, blacks, whites, shadows, contrast, highlights and a variety of other features.

You will even find an HDR structure panel where you can change the HDR microstructure and HDR structure, HDR boost and so on. You can even put glow and image radiance on your project too. Of course, this can be adjusted to any region of your image, which is very interesting and handy.

Layers and masks

The layer system in Aurora HDR 2018 is quite impressive, as you will be able to get full access to the manual HDR filter panels for each layer. Aside from that, you can also use a variety of masking effects, all of which add up to a rather spectacular result.

Is Aurora HDR 2018 worth it?

Once you start using the Aurora HDR 2018 app, you will be quite impressed with its feature base. The app does include just about all the stuff you need and so much more. They did an excellent job at bringing you quality and value in a pretty comprehensive package. While not everyone needs to enhance HDR on their images, those persons that do need such a function will find Aurora HDR 2018 one of the better tools out there!

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