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Skylum Review: Best Photo Editing Software for Mac and PC

In the past few years, most people that want serious photo editing to turn to Adobe Lightroom. However, like many apps in that suite, Lightroom can be very complicated to use and manage, to the point where it can take much time to learn how to use it adequately. There are lots of alternatives you can choose from, and Skylum is one of them.

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Skylum does an excellent job at offering you presets for some quick edits. Many people don’t have the time to go through multiple tasks to do simple editing. Moreover, Skylum offers the presets you need for some of the most relevant presets in no time. The interface is quite primary, although you do have a whole lot of menus and features in the upper side of the interface. However, as a whole, they kept a clean interface throughout; only the menus will disrupt the experience. Plus, the interface is straightforward to customize.


As we mentioned earlier, you have greatly preset to work with, and you can even download others from their website if you want, which is an excellent addition to the entire experience. However, you’re not forced to use presets. You can easily choose a custom workplace or a multitude of image adjustment tools. They allow you to work on things like portrait, black and white photos, professional, essentials, aerial photography and so on.

The new version comes with some nice additions. Lots of new filters add up to a great experience, and you can even find a flyout system that categorizes all filters into logical groups. They also have a RAW develop filter with sliders, so you can make manual adjustments on the spot if you want. The AW file conversion process comes with some pretty good results, and even if you work with TIFF or JPEG images, you can still have access to the develop filter listed above.

Some of the included filters are dodge and burn, LUT mapping, sun rays, matte look, hue shift, DeNoise, Brilliance, and Warmth. All filters are visually impressive, and they do bring in front quite a lot of options.

That doesn’t mean Skylum is perfect. The Lens tab only offers manual correction for chromatic aberration and lens distortion. The RAW develop tool’s adjustments tend to go way too far, and that can be a bit of an issue. Images can only be resized only when exported as well. So yes, there are some limitations, and Skylum can evolve, but it can be used as a replacement for Lightroom, or at least a companion app.


While not perfect, Skylum does come with some of the most exciting filters and features that you would need from an image editor. Skylum works well; it brings what you need especially if you’re a beginner in the image editing world and it’s not very expensive either. Skylum looks nice, and you should consider trying it out if you want a good software for image editing!

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