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new Luminar 3 – Professional and Simple Photo Editing Software

Skylum Luminar 2018 Review: Pro photo editor for Mac and PC

Luminar is one of the photo editors that have a lot of promise on the market at this time. Moreover, for an excellent reason. They seem to bring in front some fantastic features, and they never hold back when it comes to improving and adding some new stuff. However, is it an excellent photo editor that you can use on a daily basis?



The Luminar 2018 interface is standard for the image editing world. The menus are cleverly added to provide immediate access to the features you need. However, everything is outside of the work field, offering you a fantastic view of your project. Moreover, the added toolbars with layers and filters can easily be dragged anywhere on your screen.


The primary benefit of Luminar 2018 is that it has an amazing RAW engine. It’s particularly suitable for the Pro level image processing. The app allows you to do quick automatic corrections for things like lens distortion, removing fringes or chromatic aberrations. Also, the image rendering quality offered here is second to none, and it only gets better as you go along.

The RAW developer features are outstanding too since you are allowed to adjust every single detail in the picture manually. It looks fantastic, and it works quite nicely each time you want to adjust this. Moreover, the newly added features like dodge and burn or the sun rays filter are bringing you great new ways to make your pictures alive and exciting. The digital polarizing filter is excellent at helping you adjust the sky intensity without masking.

There’s no ability to change the brush size with just a single swipe. Also, Luminar 2018 lacks the ability to auto mask, which can be a bit tricky to pull off most of the time. The healing brush, in particular, is a bit hard to work with on the very detailed files.

However, Luminar 2018 does get better if you think about presets. Since Luminar 2018 is all about making your job more comfortable, you will find that using it can be quite a lot of fun. You can easily customize the workspace to work on a blank project, or you can use presets to manage a file according to your requirements seamlessly. Presets are very handy if you end up doing the same tasks on multiple files very often.


Should you get Luminar 2018? As a whole, the app is comprehensive, and it’s also really good at beginner to medium-knowledge users. While pros will still go with some of the more expensive options, Luminar 2018 brings in just about all you need in the photo editing world. While it does have its mishaps, the fact that you can quickly adjust a variety of features and you can use dedicated presets makes it stand out. Moreover, the best part is that Luminar 2018 has a fixed, one-time price and there are no subscriptions here. So once you purchase it, you will own the license and update the app free of charge in the future. Which is a lot better when compared to Adobe’s CC subscription. Overall, Luminar 2018 is well worth a shot, and you should consider trying it out at the very least!

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